7 Mar 2013

for you

dear my friend.. ( i hope that you still consider me as your friend huhu)
i know that we had argued few days ago. don't know who need to be blame. you or me? maybe both of us are wrong. yeah i know. homosapien aka human. not a perfect biological organism. always do mistakes which includes me. sorry for my english. it's sucks. i am not good as you... of course in english only muahaha.

i know you are upset for what i have done. i am just wanna you to know, i did it for myself. so that i can let it go. it's hard for me too. but, i try. keep trying until my heart worn out. i don't know if i can still consider it as a heart anymore haha. but you should know how strong i can be, right? just trust me. thanks for worrying about me and it's means a lot. there is no word that can represent how i feel right now. maybe it seems like i never care, but deep down in my heart, i do really want to reverse back time and make up everything.

i'm sorry for telling you 'that' when you are in not a good mood. maybe i should just..... keep it to myself. yeah, i think i should do that like i did before. i'll never make you worry about me anymore. :)

p/s : disebabkan dia suka sangat twit dalam bi, aku pun terpaksa post kat sini dalam bi walaupun dia takkan baca blog ni. she's really pro in cursing people, in english of course. a genius..... in cursing that appear every 100 years bhahaha. ok jokes. hambar~~


  1. sentimental nya.. mcm surat cinta plak. har har har..

  2. aku bukak kamus nak baca entry ni...

  3. Hahaha lawok gila baca entry ni. Takpa, azie paham ja apa has nak cakap ;)



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